About Us

Lilies-of-the-Field celebrates inspiration, nature, love, life, truth, beauty, and God through short fiction and poetry. We publish quarterly, curating our collection from both new and established writers. We're looking for poems and short fiction that speak to life and its ups, downs, loves, loss, and spiritual journeys. While we do not focus specifically on writing with Christian themes, we do encourage it. Hopefully, you will find the pieces within Lilies-of-the-Field inspiring, personal, breath-taking, and memorable. If this sounds like the place for your work, we'd love to consider it.

The publication schedule for Lillies-of-the-Field is as follows: March, June, September, December of each year. Submissions are always open, however, we stop considering work for the forthcoming issue one full month prior to publication. Please visit our submissions page for information in greater detail.

As an online journal, all of our issues are published solely on the website. At this time, there is no print component to Lilies-of-the-Field. We pride ourselves in providing easily navigable, easy-to-read issues, with each piece provided separately for the writer to share with friends and family. We believe that writing is meant to be shared, and we wish to make this as simple as possible.